The Darling of the Campbell Racing Royal Family, Bailey Campbell, on Episode 136


Bailey admits to not being very interested in motorsports as a youngster, but once she got the bug, it’s been a steady rise to the top. It’s a great place to be for this girl!  A talented driver and a great role model for all, Bailey Campbell shares her interests with us on this episode. Give it a listen on your favorite podcast app.

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3:53 – my dad told me I couldn’t race unless I got down to the shop and got my hands on some of the cars myself

15:42 – my Uncle Nick spotted for me and I accidentally ran him over

23:55 – my dad’s biggest thing was always throttle control

33:25 – my favorite part is probably pre-running because you’re going at a slow enough pace to really see the terrain change

42:17 – I can’t believe how far they’ve come in technology and way they work with us

50:42 – I just have these main goals that I need to accomplish – the first is to be the first Queen of the Hammers

54:06 – I grew up with a never quit attitude

59:50 – every co-driver I’ve had, every spotter I’ve had, has taught me something new

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[00:01:46.860] – Big Rich Klein

On today’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Bailey Campbell. She’s a Rock Crawler, U4 racer, Rebelle rally driver, mother, wife, and the darling of the Campbell Racing royal family. Bailey, thank you so much for spending some time and talking about your history. A lot of it, I know, but I’m sure I’m going to come up with a bunch of surprises with this interview, so thank you.

[00:02:13.410] – Bailey Campbell

Hi, Rich. I’m honored to be on your podcast today. I’ve been listening to some of your episodes and I was wondering when I would get a call from you.

[00:02:24.210] – Big Rich Klein

Yes, you’ve been on the list, trust me. So let’s start off right away. And I know the answer to this question, but maybe somebody doesn’t out there. Where were you born and raised?

[00:02:37.560] – Bailey Campbell

I was born in Gilbert, Arizona, and I have never moved anywhere else and I probably never will. I love it here.

[00:02:45.230] – Big Rich Klein

Awesome. And you are? Now, I’m going to make a guess here. 23.

[00:02:52.340] – Bailey Campbell

No, 25.

[00:02:53.780] – Big Rich Klein
  1. Oh, girl, now I’m really feeling old. Shelley and I were talking about this morning, and I said, she’s 22. And Shelley says, no, she’s got to be older than that. And I’m like, no, it can’t be 25.
[00:03:12.070] – Bailey Campbell

I wish I was still 22.

[00:03:13.970] – Big Rich Klein

So you’re young enough to where I can ask that question you never ask a woman her age, but you’re young enough where it doesn’t really matter. So let’s talk about those early years in Gilbert. You grew up with an off road racing, rock crawling family. The first time I think I met you. You probably won’t remember it, but I think you were swaddled at an event. So let’s talk about those early years and what it was like growing up in Gilbert and being part of that racing heritage.

[00:03:53.160] – Bailey Campbell

Yeah, definitely. My dad started the rock crawling stuff before I was even born, so around 1995 is when he got really into it. I was born in 97. It really started with him taking my brother and I out to the rock crawling trails in Florence, Arizona, with all of his rock crawling buddies. And it was just an awesome environment to be around, especially growing up in the shop with him, doing all the fabrication work and watching him and my Uncle Nick build things together. My brother finally got into building things and it really sparked an interest for me. My dad told me I couldn’t race unless I got down to the shop and got my hands on some of the cars myself and really started to learn about them. And then there’s a parade here called Gilbert Days Parade, and it’s usually in November. And it was so much fun because my dad would literally bring every single car and take it through that parade. And I was so jealous. I never got to drive one. It was always him and his friends. And my brother finally got to drive one himself and in the middle of the streets crawling over the tires on them and just putting on a good show for the whole town.

[00:05:05.110] – Bailey Campbell

And I just really fell in love with it and I didn’t want anything else more than to get in one myself.  READ MORE


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