Super-Spotter Randall Davis in Episode 31


Super-spotter Randall Davis from Team Lasernut and Axial Racing joins us for a look at his career at Axial and the 2020 season as East and West champion at WE Rock.  Coming off a great season and a great weekend at  Lasertown, we got tired Randall to spend time with us.  Enjoy.

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3:47 – From Boring to Outdoors

6:43 – Kimmie from the fourth grade

14:05 – getting started wheeling

16:54– put out an APB or something

21:53 – how Crispy got it’s name

31:00 – pressing the reset buttonl

37:09 – don’t make it weird

44:55 – my first time driving in competition

50:24 – going all-in in 2020

56:30 – tire irons are blistering



So today on conversations with Big Rich, we have Randall Davis, Randall RD Davis, as seen on Facebook and other social media. We want to welcome Randall. Randall has been around the Off-Road scene for a while, has been spotting for Cody Waggoner with Lasernut for the last few years before that Axial racing. I think that’s how we first met. We’ll just get started in. Randall, thank you for coming on. And where did where’d you grow up?



Tell us about your life.



Well, first off, I’m glad to be here and long time no see. I just saw you over the the past weekend here, which I’m sure we’ll talk about in a little bit. So I’m glad to be here. It’s really cool. I’ve been trying to tune into podcasts and stuff like that some of you and some of the other guys and I got a pretty busy day schedule that I don’t have a whole lot of time to tune in and listen to too much.



But when I can, I definitely try to. So I’m glad to be here. So thanks for having me. I grew up. I don’t know. I actually I was born in a small town called Boring Oregon.



Yeah. Which is near Portland.



Okay. I was born there, but I didn’t have any sort of like off road upbringing or anything like that. You know, I hear a lot of the stories of of, you know, the other guys where their their dad took them out in a C.J or, you know, whatever some old flat, you know, flat fender, old Jeep or something like that. And talk about all these old, you know, off road camping, fishing stories.



And I didn’t have any of that when I grew up, but I spent a few years there in in Oregon. And then my folks moved down to SoCal. And I’ve been raised here in SoCal my whole life. Through all of it, you know, I was I was always into the outdoors when I was younger, I wasn’t part of Boy Scouts or, you know, any of those types of what were the other ones, Indian guides or anything like that.



But I definitely got out. My dad like to go camping a bit. And so we did that. So I wound up getting, you know, just kind of that I got to be outside bug. And it really took off as of late. You know, once I got up into my adult years, I started to do it a lot more, but not sure if that’s because I want to run away from the city or or it’s just in my blood.



But I think growing up, man, I took some trips going camping out to, you know, just the local mountains, Big Bear, and kind of up north a little bit Yosemite. And, you know, some of that stuff, Kings Canyon and most everything was all local. We did a few trips towards the Midwest, but not a whole lot of them. My my mom’s side of the family is all in Texas. They live in a town called Lufkin, Texas, which is Deep East.



And that’s that’s where they’re all that. My dad was from San Diego. And he’s now I think he’s in Idaho or something like that. But he’s he travels around kind of like you do. He’s not an event promoter, but he does you know, he’s one of those snowbirds. You know, he lives in Idaho and likes to travel south for the winter and lives out of a trailer and just cruises around, kind of floats around, you know, free, free spirit.



Yes, free spirit, which is nice. I admire it. I’ve thought myself I thought to myself quite a few times, like, I think I am my dad’s kid because I could definitely I could picture myself living living out of a trailer, just cruising around, enjoying life.



You know, maybe you should become a rock crawling promoter.



I don’t know. You know, I always entertained ideas.



Oh, you started off in Boring Oregon, an interesting name. What time did you move to Southern California? Oh, man. I was like five years old, I think. Yeah, I was really young when we moved down here. I don’t remember much. I’ve been back there a couple of times, but it’s beautiful up there. You know, there’s a lot of green, a lot of mountains. So I’m surprised I have not actually gone back up there more just to just to get used to it and check it out.



So when you moved it to Southern California, which I’m assuming that’s where you went because of where you’re at now and talking about Big Bear and Yosemite, what part of Southern California did you move into? What town?



The first town we moved to was Santa Ana and I my dad transferred his work, transferred him down to Santa Ana or something like that. And, you know, he got a job there and we moved there. And then we shortly after that moved to Garden Grove. And then about that time, my parents split up and I wound up we wound up moving over to Orange. And that’s where I spent a lot of my adolescent and teen years was living in Orange, California.



OK, when you went to high school, what were what were your interests besides say girls or should we go back to fourth grade?  READ MORE


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