Champions Kaleigh and Teralin share their secrets at the Rebelle Rally


Fresh from their win at the Rebelle Rally, Team Blondetourage, Kaleigh Miller and Teralin Petereit join me for our first three person interview.  Kaleigh and Teralin are not new to off-road, both have lots of different events under their belts, but the Rebelle has been their place to shine.  With three firsts, a second and a third between them.  Listen in and learn just a little more about our favorite event of the year.

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4:17 – Big brothers influence on Teralin

6:42 – Jeep hunting for Kaleigh landed a husband

8:53 – making a pact

10:39 – learning to drive the Miller way

14:27 – …just don’t embarrass yourself

17:57 – the endurance of it all

22:04 – the key strategy – knowing how to navigate

25:23 – what exactly is the Rebelle Rally?

29:23 – why every minute counts

35:46 – could they make it harder?

40:51 – what do you get for the $$?

46:31 – you just have to say you will!


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On this week’s episode of Conversations with Big Rich, we have Blondetourage. You may ask what’s Blondetourage?. Well, it’s two young ladies that competed at the Rebelle Rally this year, 2020 and won it. And that’s Kaleigh Miller and Teralin Petereit. We welcome them on Conversations with Big Rich, and let’s get started. Kaleigh. Where did you grow up?

Kaleigh Miller: Well, I was born in Tucson and pretty much always been here. I spent a little time in Austin for grad school, but otherwise, Tucson through and through.

Big Rich Klein: What kind of things were you interested in as a, as a kid Did you play sports Were you a bookworm? Give us some background.

Kaleigh Miller: Both of those, definitely a bookworm. I played sports. I was a softball player and a swimmer, but kind of looking at my life now, compared to my childhood is kind of very different. I was not like very outdoorsy person. I’m not one of those kids that was always hurt, pretty quiet child. I really was. I was into school. Like even if I was sick, I wanted to go to school. I just loved school.

Big Rich Klein: Teralin. Where did you grow up and, what were you, what were your interests as a child?

Teralin Petereit: well, I was born in Southern California and, my dad was a fireman there, but my parents met in Utah and loved it there. So we moved back and forth, you know, yearly. So I grew up loving the ocean and also the mountains and the desert of Utah. And

Teralin Petereit: I wanted to be just like my big brothers. So I played all the sports. my mom is like the funnest mom ever. We grew up camping and hiking and everyone called us the bike family rec we’d ride our bikes everywhere. And so we were always doing the outside stuff.

Big Rich Klein: Awesome. What’s your background School-wise

Teralin Petereit: Yep. So I went to high school in Springville, Utah, and then, I tried to have a couple of universities, in the salt Lake area, but I ended up getting my degree from university or Utah state university, distance campus in Moab. So I have my bachelor’s in natural resource management out of Moab.

Kaleigh Miller: Tell him the big news though.

Teralin Petereit: Well, it’s not that the day I just got into Dixie state university for the nursing program.

Big Rich Klein: Well, congratulations. Let’s look at, at how you, how you guys got into wheeling Teralin,I know that, you know, you’ve always been more of a, an outdoor sports person from what I remember and hearing, and I know that you’ve been wheeling for quite a while. You’ll do things in your Toyota. I will not do in my Cherokee. So let’s talk a little bit about that background.

Teralin Petereit: Sure. Yeah, like I said, I always wanted to be like my big brothers and they always had Jeeps and would go to Jeep Safari and my mom would never let me go. And finally, when I was 17, she let me go to Jeep Safari down in Moab. And, I was at potato salad Hill and everybody knows, King of the Hill, George break all in his Toyota. And I thought I was just so funny. And I, he was out filming, you know, with his little camera and I climbed in the driver’s seat and he said, Oh, ha ha funny girl, you know, get out. And I said, not until you let me drive to the top. And he climbed in the passenger seat and put a seatbelt on. He told me to put it in third gear and, and, you know, pointed out a line I’d never driven off for.

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