Rebelle Rally founder, Emily Miller, on Episode 29


Rebelle Rally founder, Rod Hall prodigy, media and marketing guru – Emily Miller, joins us just 24 hours after the close of the last basecamp of the 2020 Rebelle Rally.  That’s commitment.  We get some insight into the background of one of the most powerful women in off-road.  Join us for some great takeaways in perseverance.

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3:46 – The similarities between skiing and driving off-road

5:18 – the family influencers

8:04 – here’s the backstory you may not know – how the dotcom boom changed everything

14:12 – how her brother’s death altered her world

18:43 – “I’m going to marry him”

22:21 – the start of Rod Hall’s influence

38:05 – the re-meet at Chocolate Thunder

44:05 – the influence on KOH

52:35 – the lead up to the Rebelle

1:00:54 – What is the Rebelle Rally?

1:31:44 – problem identifiers vs. problem solvers


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[00:01:20.010] – Big Rich Klein

We are here with none other than Emily Miller. A lot of the ladies in the United States in off road will know who Emily is or have heard about her because of her recent endeavor with the Rebelle Rally. But what a lot of you may not know is that she has a real extensive background, from what I understand, in everything from marketing to racing. And we are going to find out all about Emily Miller starting now. So hey Emily, thank you for coming on.



Conversations with Big Rich. You’re only the second female that I’ve interviewed. First one was with Shelby Hall. And we are now getting to you.



And you have a close relationship with Shelby’s granddad and we’ll get into that.



But we’d like to start off with where you started and what were your influences, where did you grow up. So let’s let’s get started. Thank you.


[00:02:15.050] – Emily Miller

Sounds good. Thanks for having me.


[00:02:16.740] – Big Rich Klein

Where did life start for Emily Miller?


[00:02:19.590] – Emily Miller

Life started for me in Little Rock, Arkansas. But home always has been a combination of Little Rock and Crested Butte, Colorado, where I spent a lot of time in my life. And also growing up, yeah, both places have had big impacts on me and I think a lot of people don’t really realize that, you know, I was born, you know, in the south and yeah,


[00:02:44.420] – Big Rich Klein

you don’t have that Arkansas accent.


[00:02:46.920] – Emily Miller

Wait till I get tired.



Wait til you get tired. You might have heard it a few times on the Rebelle.


[00:02:52.650] – Big Rich Klein

You were born in Little Rock, but you spent time in Crested Butte. At what age did you did you start spending time in Crested Butte?


[00:03:00.090] – Emily Miller

So when I was young, I think probably the first time I was there, I was nine years old. Maybe earlier I had family and quite a bit of family in Colorado, and I still have a home there today that I don’t get to see enough and nephews and cousins, etc.. So, yeah, I miss Colorado. Definitely a fish out of water. I live now in Encinitas, California, and I married the lifeguard captain here.



And I love where I live. I love Encinitas. But at heart, I’m a mountain girl.


[00:03:39.090] – Big Rich Klein

I understand that my heart is in the mountains as well. The Sierra Nevadas. I take it then if you’re in Crested Butte, you skied.

[00:03:46.500] – Emily Miller

Yeah, I skiied. I went to school in Gunnison, Colorado. And, you know, skiing is my passion. After spending a lot of my life on skis, I ended up picking up a snowboard and telemark skis and just about, you know, anything I could. Yeah, my you know, passion is picking a line and being in the moment and being outside and boy, you know, skiing and then the sports I did, you know, in the mountains, including mountain biking, cycling, they really shaped my life.


And in fact, they were probably a real impact on, you know, being able to drive off road. There’s there’s so much translation between those sports. They’re all line picking sports. And I think that that’s one of the things that living in Southern California has. It’s worked out, you know, I love surfing. You know, I, I, I think I’m just picking the replacement sports because my my heart is still, you know, on the snow.


But, boy, you know, driving in sand dunes in Southern California and driving off road kind of takes me back to that. And so I think it helps me keep connected to sort of what was my old life.   READ MORE


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