The Valtastrophe herself, Val Douglas on Episode 188

I don’t want to say Val Douglas is a catastrophe because wherever she is, there’s [...]

WE Rock Spotter, Russell Battles, making great decisions on Episode 107

Making good decisions for his family, work, and team, Russell Battles brings patience and discipline [...]

Competitive newcomer, Skip Scott, on Episode 105

The start of the 3rd season of the podcast sees off-road newcomer, Skip Scott, share [...]

Episode 36 features Jason Childs, jumping right to Unlimited

The 2021 WE Rock schedule just released, Big Rich brings you another new competitor’s perspective [...]

New WE Rock Competitor, Jeff Houser, highlights his first season in Episode 35

New competitor to WE Rock, Jeff Houser, shares what it is like to start. You [...]

My partner in crime, Shelley Krehbiel, Episode 22

Hi, if you don’t know me – I’m today’s guest – I’m Shelley Krehbiel, the [...]

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