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Lightning strikes often with the King of Pirate 4×4 and Glitter, Erik “Camo” Linker on Episode 182

What do glitter and rockcrawling have in common? Only the lightning strikes of Erik “Camo” Linker – Camo is the co-founder of Pirate 4×4 and a good friend; we are thrilled to have him on the podcast (finally!)  Buckle up; you are in for an adventure. Be sure to listen [...]

Super spotter turned competitor Jody Everding brings concrete advice to Episode 181

Warning:  For mature audiences only. To say Jody Everding has a storied past is an understatement.  Jody tells it like it was and it’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app. 5:26 – I played a little flag football with the after-school kids, but [...]

Combatant Matt Westrich brings his experience to land-use on Episode 180

Land use warrior Matt Westrich brings his Army experience to the battlefields of organizational combat. Matt has great experience and knowledge to share with all of us. It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app. 4:04 – Al Bundy is modeled after me 8:30 [...]

Jim Bramham is preaching to the Campfire on Episode 179

Advocacy and education are what ORMHOF inductee Jim Bramham, brings to the table. Leading the fight for years in preserving public lands, Jim does the hard part, a walking encyclopedia of OHV knowledge and land use, we are pleased to introduce him to more than California. Congratulations to Jim Bramham, [...]

No fear, no failure, Curt Leduc on Episode 178

ORMHOF inductee Curt Leduc, Class of 2015, shares some great storytelling; living life to the best of his abilities, Curt has made his own luck along the way with hard work and dedication to his craft. Congratulations to Curt Leduc, a 2015 inductee into ORMHOF; Curt is why we say; [...]

Small-town girl, Laura Butcher, shares big-city experiences on Episode 177

Classic over-achiever, Laura Butcher, shares an unparalleled perspective into off-road. Currently heading up VORRA and Farmy’s Off Road Park, along with her full-time gig at Tread Lightly! Laura is a wonder. Listen in on the experience she brings to the table. It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in [...]

Class 3 Champion Don Moss on Episode 176

There’s never a direct path to the finish line. Don Moss started in Demo Derbies, raced Circle Track and then found his way to Class 3 Championships. If you’ve ever wondered how to get into off-road, this is what it’s all about. It’s a great listen, be sure to tune [...]

Traveler, photographer, and storyteller, Chris Collard on Episode 175

ORMHOF inductee Chris Collard, Class of 2015, shares some great storytelling, which is right in his wheelhouse. Who knew you could go from UPS driver to premier magazine editor and writer?  That’s my favorite part of the story, how Chris gets invited and takes the opportunity to get in the [...]

The Master of Photography, Boyd Jaynes on Episode 174

Renowned automotive photographer, Boyd Jaynes is a publisher, off-road racer, and head of the Dusty Times publication.  It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app. 8:03 – I really aspired to be an artist like my mom, but I couldn’t draw to save my [...]

Quinn Pultz at 74 Weld on Episode 173

Have you been looking at portals for your Jeep, Bronco or Tacoma, we found your source. Quinn Pultz at 74 Weld gives the low-down on building his business. Great stories, good insight.  It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app. 5:45 – I followed [...]

Flat Fender Aficionado, Travis C. Bunch, on Episode 172

Technically homeless, Travis C. Bunch lives in Moab with his ten cars. Yep, that says cars, not cats. Travis produces the Flat Fender Aficionado, a storytelling periodical. He’s got great insight into the world of Jeeps.  It’s a great listen, be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app. [...]

Another ORMHOF OG, Brian Chuchua, class of 1978 on Episode 171

ORMHOF inductee Brian Chuchua, Class of 1978 drops some cherry bombs on us as he tells the Jeep history from the beginning. From paying $5,000 for a Jeep franchise to participating in year 2 of Jeep Jamboree to racing the first Mexican 1000. So grateful to interview long-time history-makers in [...]

Industry pro and fellow podcaster, Tyler Laursen on Episode 170

Community-minded, Tyler Laursen is on episode 170 of Conversations with Big Rich. Tyler brings a rich history of giving back to the industry, from improving products at MorrFlate to educating wheelers on best practices on the SnailTrail 4×4 podcast; listen in to see what all he’s up to.  It’s a [...]

ORMHOF OG, Vic Wilson, class of 1978 on Episode 169

Class of 1978 inductee Vic Wilson comes with many accolades including the first ever winner of the Mexican 1000 in 1967. Long-time racer, track promoter and Volkswagen guy, Vic brings the memories alive for us. Congratulations to Vic Wilson, a 1978 inductee into ORMHOF, Vic Wilson is why we say; [...]

Jimmy Lewis, off-road motorcycle racer extraordinaire on Episode 168

King of the Motos, Rebelle Rally, Dirt Bike Test, Dakar, and the Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School…there are a lot of balls in the air for a self-proclaimed washed-up motorcycle racer. Take a trip around the world with Jimmy and Rich while they talk about the evolution of motorcycles in [...]

Episode 167 features the Milkman, Nate Hurst

Family man, Nate Hurst – the milkman, joins us on Episode 167 to talk about competitive rockcrawling, Rock Crawlers for Sale, and the Delta Classic Rock Crawl. Still on a high from a great weekend at Delta, Nate tells some funny stories about him and Ryan Maxfield. It’s a great [...]

Looking for a family – Mike Shatynski knows all about it on Episode 166

If you’re a military vet, look up Admiral Mike with Mag7 and WarFighter Made, you’ll likely find him in Baja; he’ll help you find your family. Offroad or military, there is so much love. Mike tells a great story and the history of Mag7 – real and embellished. It’s a [...]

Racing pioneer, Larry Minor on Episode 165

Larry Minor credits his friends for a great racing career, from Rodney Hall to Herman Booy to Bill Stroppe – they all started at the beginning. It’s always a great time to be in off-road, but the beginning was pure magic. Following a compass or a paper map is very [...]

Ryan Maxfield explains all the deets about Delta Classic Rock Crawl on Episode 164

Are you headed to the Delta Classic Rock Crawl this weekend?  Listen in to this great interview with Ryan Maxfield to hear all the details.  It’s not just about Delta; it’s about life in Utah, building a business, and addictive rockcrawling. Be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast [...]

Bob Ham, CORVA pioneer and state legislative lobbyist on Episode 163

We don’t tend to think of influencers in the octogenarian stage, but Bob Ham certainly qualifies. Bob spent his career influencing people where it mattered, in land use advocacy in the California State Legislature. From forming CORVA to being on the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Board of Directors, Bob [...]

Meet the Ricks – Deremo and Gersch on Episode 162

Dove Creek, Colorado produces pinto beans, hay, and one of the finest rockcrawling teams. Rick Deremo and Rick Gersch have known each other for a lifetime and rockcrawled as a team for many years.  Retired now, at least from crawling, they share their take on life in a small community. [...]

We honor Frank “Scoop” Vessels in Episode 161

ORMHOF Class of 2007 inductee Frank “Scoop” Vessels was inducted into multiple Halls of Fame in his short lifetime. Taken in a plane crash in 2010; Scoop took the Off-Road world by storm until his return to Quarter Horse life in 1993, where he was born and bred. Join his [...]

Enter the Sand Man, Herman Booy, on Episode 160

ORMHOF Class of 2004 inductee Herman Booy was larger than life. Listen in as his daughter and nephew, Sherry and Steve, share life on the sand with Herman and his brother, Hal, and all the adventures they had. We are thrilled to be able to offer interviews with inductees’ families [...]

Wheel man Chris May has done it all, listen in on Episode 159

If it has an acronym, Chris May has probably raced there – KOH, ECORS, UROC, WE Rock, XRRA – it’s been a long road and now he’s started on the next generation of racers. Great stories of a couple of guys with high budget dreams and low-budget pockets; it’s a [...]

Episode 158 features Duane Garretson from Come Get Ya Some In Arkansas

Come Get Ya Some’s Duane Garretson lights up the podcast this week with some great stories. Learn how Duane got to be the ultimate competitor at WE Rock, Dirt Riot and Ultra4.  Good man to know, with great friends. 3:56 – I gained a lot of independence just by having [...]

Tribe 16 Founder, Adam Scherer, shares Texas wisdom and fun in Episode 157

Self-taught, all-in kinda guy Adam Scherer, founder of Tribe 16 near Fort Worth, Texas, is a helluva nice guy. Talented and likable, Adam brings the best to the build; whether it’s a racecar or a trail car, Adam and his guys have the talent to deliver. Be sure to listen [...]

Episode 156 features Skinny Lunn; OG rockcrawler, trophy truck driver, fab guy

The title can never quite describe the podcast; Adam ‘Skinny” Lunn is so much more. Coming out of North Texas, he wiggled his way into the Arizona scene as a sweeper in the Campbell shop and expanded from there to 11 years driving and winning desert races – great stories [...]

Tire guy, Jeff Cummings shares tremendous knowledge and insight on Episode 155

Tire guy, Jeff Cummings, is a great storyteller; it must have been a prerequisite at BFG – listen in as he shares some great insight on tires and life. From Wisconsin farmer to Baja Pro, Jeff brings life to every story. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. [...]

The Grand Ol’ Dame of Off-Road Racing, Judy Smith, on Episode 154

Judy Smith, the Grand Ol’ Dame of Off-Road Racing was honored by the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in the Class of 2008. Having moved from Connecticut to SoCal in the 40’s, she was introduced to off-road with her husband in the 1960’s. Over the years she told many a [...]

All things Land Cruiser with Kurt Williams of Cruiser Outfitters on Episode 153

Land Cruiser Afficionado, Kurt Williams, knows every little thing you can know about Land Cruisers. That’s what happens when you take them apart piece-by-piece and then put them back together. From business to cars, Kurt knows his stuff; since 2001 he’s been at the head of Cruiser Outfitters. Join us [...]

On Episode 152, a Man with Many Talents, Marty Fiolka, Wearing Many Hats

Interested in the secret sauce?  You’re going to have to listen to it all to hear the incredible history of Marty Fiolka, Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee in 2014. Marty has had experiences we all dream about.  Listen in to catch them all, this is what we call [...]

Rob McKenney: rockcrawler, racer, bump skier, crane operator; great stories for all on Episode 151

With the attention span of a 3-year-old, competitor Rob McKenney, shares some great stories. New York to the PNW, this crane operator knows his stuff and his friends. So good to talk to him again. Listen in on your favorite podcast app. 4:20 – early on, I got relieved of [...]

Episode 150 with former Four-Wheeler staffer, Robin Stover

Former Four-Wheeler writer, Robin Stover gives us some insight on what it was like to travel during the heyday. Dakar, Baja, South Korea, it’s all there!  Listen on your favorite podcast app. This is Episode 150 – feels like a milestone!  Thank you for your support and encouragement! 2:56 – [...]

Brian Ellinger on Episode 149 features Toyotas, rockcrawling and Front Range Offroad

Toyota expert, Brian Ellinger, joins us on Episode 149. Brian is the owner of Front Range Offroad and Diamond Axles, a former rockcrawling competitor, Brian aspires to a quiet life where it’s less people-y. Tune in to your favorite podcast app to listen in. 6:30 – wood does things metal [...]

Episode 148 with Taylor Anderson features, company culture, off-road racing and lights.

One of the co-founders of Rigid Lighting, Taylor Anderson, shares life in the off-road lighting industry and what has come after. Company culture, offroad racing, and lights are part of Episode 148. Tune in on your favorite podcast app. 5:53 – the cool pines of Arizona 12:21 – who rolled [...]

RTF President, Ken Hower, on Episode 147

Ken Hower and the Rubicon Trail Foundation is all about education, that’s their mission. As a 501(c)(3) Education foundation, RTF hopes to educate all to enhance the future health of the Rubicon Trail. There’s a lot going on right now with the Trail, listen in so you can stay informed, [...]

The Brown Guy, Armando Verdugo, on Episode 146

Armando Verdugo shares his love for off-road and why he gets up in the morning to go to work! Founder of and BAM Strategic, Armando has been around the off-road block learning how to help the small business guy tie everything together. It’s a good conversation between two friends. [...]

CORVA President Michael McGarity explains Land Use you can understand on Episode 145

Want the insider’s view of Land Use? This is the episode you need to listen to, then go back and listen to Del Albright and John Stewart and stay tuned for future episodes. Michael McGarity leads the conversation in Episode 145; the current President of CORVA brings a lot to [...]

Outlaw Desert Racings Chris Brahs and Drew Garcia on Episode 144

The mission has changed, the passion has not. Chris Brahs and Drew Garcia talk with us about the changes at Outlaw Desert Racing due to government-mandated changes in their state and how they pivoted. Adrenaline Therapy, pit support and off-road racing across the region in support of combat veterans is [...]

First generation car guy Bryant Blakemore on Episode 143

First-generation car guy Bryant Blakemore talks off-road racing in Texas and Mexico. He and Big Rich go in-depth on what happens when dust and brains combine. A great conversation about TDRA and TORRA mixed in with some charity work, check out for some good works heading into the new [...]

From 4th place to champion, rockcrawler Dave Wong on Episode 142

Mr. 4th Place, Dave Wong, has shaken off that title to become a champion trail breaker. Dave shares his history in California, and now Utah. Listen in to one of the kindest men in rockcrawling on your favorite podcast app. Be sure to Subscribe on your favorite podcast app! 7:42 [...]

Rich in storytelling, Episode 141 features Sue Mead, Off-road Journalist Extraordinaire

“Write the story you just told me,” that’s the advice Sue Mead got when she was struggling, “just simply put those words down on paper,” and it wasn’t bad advice. That’s the secret to getting started with just about anything. Begin with what you know. Big Rich was privileged to [...] host and creator, Nathan Riddle animates life in Utah on Episode 140

Gunfighter, animator, filmmaker…I love the labels off-roaders accumulate. Everyone comes with a myriad of talents. creator, Nathan Riddle, has been bringing us off-road content for more than ten years; it’s an awesome history. Listen in to Episode 140, and if you need to catch up – you can find [...]

Family-man, Levi Shirley shares life in Dodge City and on the racecourse in Episode 139

Want to know about the women in Levi’s life? He tells all about Lently, Layla, and Loretta in this conversation with Big Rich. Watching this kid grow up in racing has been a pleasure, from XRRA to Dirt Riot to racing internationally and KOH, Levi is a good egg – [...]

Episode 138 features Tech Tim Lund as the luckiest man in the industry

Tech Tim joins us to share his love of learning, self-proclaimed luckiest man in the industry; friendships and gumption have offered a lot of opportunities. ARB to Northridge with some stops along the way; Tim Lund has been all over making friends. It’s a great story, tune in on your [...]

Internet fact checker, Ryan Miller, on Episode 137

Of all the titles Ryan Miller carries, internet fact checker is one of my favorite – it’s not that he’s a smartass, he just remembers everything. What rock to turn at, which race was won by whom, how many turns of the wrench gets you the exact ride height you [...]

The Darling of the Campbell Racing Royal Family, Bailey Campbell, on Episode 136

Bailey admits to not being very interested in motorsports as a youngster, but once she got the bug, it’s been a steady rise to the top. It’s a great place to be for this girl!  A talented driver and a great role model for all, Bailey Campbell shares her interests [...]

Renaissance Man, Rob Usnick, will surprise and delight you in Episode 135

“You don’t know what you can do until you do it, right?” Our man, Rob Usnick is still pushing the limits. From Ranger School to Bridal Fashion, and everything in between.  No, seriously, this renaissance man is throwing things up and hitting them out of the park daily. Be sure [...]

Tom Wayes takes us around the world on skis, mountain bikes, and race cars.

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Tom Wayes is living a storied life, it was great to hear some of that tale. Want to hear how he fought off a bear, we’ve all heard part of the story, Tom tells all right here. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big [...]

Rufus Racings Chip MacLaughlin on Laughter, Living, and Loss

Humor is how you get through the tough stuff.  Chip MacLaughlin of Rufus Racing shares memories of early KOH, racing with friends, making memories, and Zandy Willems. This is life and how we live it. Thanks, Chip for a beautiful reminder. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich [...]

Shawn Rants, 4500 class driver running the ship on Episode 132

Our personal pit crew captain for many years, Shawn Rants shares stories of KOH, raising kids and working on high end equipment. One of our favorite because of his pure generosity of spirit. Listen up to see what makes the man. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich [...]

MetalCloak co-founder, Matson Breakey communicates on Episode 131

Master communicator, Matson Breakey, shares growing up in California’s various cultures; car culture in Japan; MetalCloak’s history and aspirations as a father of youngsters in his 50’s. It’s a great listen. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast Player 5:07 – You think back [...]

Crossfit coach and KOH champion navigator, Jason Berger, on Episode 130

Self-acclaimed wimp (yeah, right?) Jason Berger on checking off bucket-list items; living in Truckee, and racing with his best friend. Lots of great quotes and plenty of laughter with Jason and Rich in this 130th episode of Conversations with Big Rich. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast channel. [...]

Sports photographer Steven Bisig on Episode 129

Sports photographer, off-road enthusiast, marketing genius – Steven Bisig wears a ton of different hats. Listen in to two old friends talk about all the things they love in off-road. It’s a fun listen. Be sure to tune in on your favorite podcast app. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations [...]

Jason Blanton in constant motion on Episode 128

Family Man, Jason Blanton on racing vs. rockcrawling; working the grind and working to win. Always great to see work ethic pay off, spend some time with Rich and Jason on this episode of Conversations with Big Rich. Good things come to those who work for them. Be sure to [...]

Electronics Wunderkin Steven Lutz on Episode 127

When it comes to low-voltage electronics, Steven Lutz is the grand master. A Nissan buff he leads a band of off-roaders who don’t often get recognized. Listen is on a fascinating story told in Episode 127, you’ll learn more about some resources you didn’t know existed. Check it out on [...]

Join Scott Steinberger on Episode 126 as PCI celebrates 50 Years

Another multi-generation company, PCI Race Radios, joins us on the podcast with President Scott Steinberger. Scott is generation #2 with all three of his kids making up generation #3 as they learn the ins and outs of the company. We talk about Weatherman, Baja, and the future of PCI on [...]

HiLift Jack President/CEO Austin Harrah joins us for Episode 125

Companies that survive five generations are a rarity, Austin Harrah shares some perspective about what it’s like in families with that kind of history. It’s an identity he wears on his sleeve as they ramp up for even more work.  Always a pleasure to talk to old friends. Be sure [...]

Green and yellow look good on David Adams on Episode 124

Former land use officer for Red Rocks, history buff and teacher, video star, David Adams has an impressive resume that includes handling wheeling with grace and notoriety despite his mobility issues. David shares his life history, his addiction to wheeling and Jeep grills and the accommodations necessary to stay out [...]

Land Use Advocate, John Stewart, on Episode 123

John Stewart devoted his career to the Navy, and his extra time to Land Use. A lifetime advocate for using public lands, John continues to use his time to keep the government and others from closing off our recreational access to public lands. Listen up to find out where the [...]

Business Builder, Dan Dubose, shares his insights on Episode 122

Alabama business builder, Dan Dubose, shares some amazing insights on building a business, defying death, and finding that miraculous work-life balance on Episode 122. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app – Apple, Spotify, even YouTube! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite [...]

Racing, Tuning, Racing, Speed, Repeat, James Schofield on Episode 121

James Schofield dishes on racing, and tuning, and the stories are awesome. Join us to listen in on the fun and danger of off-road racing and more. Listen in on your favorite podcast app. Tune in and share Conversations with Big Rich with others. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations [...]

Episode 120 with Roger Lovell shares the future of racing with the Lovell family

Roger Lovell, of Colorado Springs’ Lovell Racing, on the impact of racing on his family. Part of the duo of Roger and Brad, Roger has had some incredible experiences that are worth hearing about. Be sure to listen in and find out what’s in store for the future of this [...]

Mid-west wheeler, Steve Sharp, has an important message for you in Episode 119

Steve Sharp has been outside for as long as he can remember. He shares his passion for outdoors, being a great leader, and knowing when to ask for help with us on this episode of Conversations with Big Rich.  Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Be sure [...]

Meet the Browns on Episode 118

The Brown family of Oklahoma has become a rock-crawling staple. Meet the family, Wyatt and Christina, and their boys, Landen and Gunnar. Landen is already a champion rockcrawler, Gunnar won’t be far behind. We love hanging out with these kids, polite and respectful, yet full of energy and daring. Parents [...]

Trail Ready’s Larry Trim escapes to the dirt on Episode 117

Larry Trim and his bride, Lois, set themselves up for success. Follow their journey through hard work and consistency to success and freedom to travel and race in this episode of Conversations with Big Rich. It’s a great story of mindset and commitment. Congrats, Larry on a job well-done! Be [...]

Frank DeAngelo, the King of Motorsports Marketing, on Episode 116

Frank joins us to talk about horses, his 44 years in motorsports with some version of BF Goodrich and all things in between.  It’s a great listen, Frank knows more about motorsports and marketing than most, come along for the ride by listening on your favorite podcast app. Be sure [...]

Maintaining control of the outcome, Kevin Yoder joins us for Episode 115

Knowing your limits sounds like good advice, but Kevin Yoder tests them anyway!  Episode 115 has Kevin and Rich talking about the early days of rockcrawling and KOH, life lessons in football and rugby, and everything in between.  Join us on your favorite podcast app. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to [...]

Uncle Tom’s Cabin caretaker, Rance MacFarland in Episode 114

Uncle Tom’s Cabin is known worldwide as the last stop before hitting the Rubicon Trail. While Uncle Tom’s is owned by the Lawyer family, it is looked after by a variety of cabin holders, Rance MacFarland has been one of those for over 20 years. Listen in as he shares [...]

Episode 113 features Ned Bacon and his adventures around the world

Variety is the stuff of legends, hear from the master, Ned Bacon, about traveling the world, writing, drawing, competing, and where that landed him. At home now on the ranch in Nevada, Ned has some tales to tell, including managing an 80 car collectors museum. Listen in to Episode 113 [...]

Goatbuilt founder Drew Burroughs on Episode 112

Based in the hub between Chicago and Milwaukee, Drew Burroughs is making a name for Goatbuilt, not just in off-road, but in the Midwest manufacturing hub.  Drew found his way into off-road through the Polygoats at San Luis Obisbo and hasn’t turned back. Listen in on Episode 112 on any [...]

No stranger to hard work, Clifton Slay is back in off-road, on Episode 111

Welcome back to the off-road industry, Clifton!  For the last twelve years, Clifton Slay has dedicated his life to other pursuits, now it’s time to return. Founder of Poison Spyder Customs, Clifton shares how that began and his history prior to. Jumping back in with both feet and his new [...]

Work ethic should be his middle name, Nate Hunt, on Episode 110

No wonder Nate Hunt is so good at what he does for Jackson Motorsports and Events, he had work ethic drilled into him from a young age. Listen in as Nate tells us how he landed the job, what life was like between naps and where he likes to spend [...]

King of the full-size GMCs, Stephen Watson on Episode 109

Stephen Watson of Off Road Design shares growing up in rural Colorado to wheeling experiences all over the country. The King of Full-Size, especially GMC’s, Stephen has a storied history. Listen in on your favorite podcast app, or dive in on YouTube – wherever you are, we’ve got your content [...]

Classic over-achiever, Tom Yash, shares his life on Episode 108

Tom Yash brings a ton to the table for any industry company he works for. He’s got all the classic over-achiever qualifications we can all relate to. Never satisfied with just one thing, he’s always building and growing.  Loved this interview, Tom is a great guy, easy to be around, [...]

WE Rock Spotter, Russell Battles, making great decisions on Episode 107

Making good decisions for his family, work, and team, Russell Battles brings patience and discipline to the sport of rockcrawling and life. Listen in on your favorite podcast app or on YouTube. Always good to hear from our friends, a little history, a little present, a bit of the future. [...]

Low-voltage electronics and off-road, with Mike Stump on Episode 106

Mike Stump – from off-road to electronics, back to off-road with electronics. Yep, we all come full-circle. Give Episode 106 a listen on your favorite podcast channel – or YouTube!  Yep, we release on YouTube now at the same time as we release everywhere else – be sure to Subscribe [...]

Competitive newcomer, Skip Scott, on Episode 105

The start of the 3rd season of the podcast sees off-road newcomer, Skip Scott, share his story of how he got started with off-road, competition, and this new phase of life. It’s important to remember that all histories matter, new and old, all tell the history of off-road. Thanks for [...]

Recap of Season 2 on Episode 104

It’s been an awesome two years of podcasting at Conversations of Big Rich. In this episode, we share the stats and some highlights. 102 guests: 91 men, 11 women 8114 minutes of content 52,000 downloads with over 4 million minutes listened to Episodes mentioned: Bob Bower – Episode 55–56 Jack [...]

Epic Phil Norvold of Max-Bilt fame on episode 103

Let’s do Epic Sh*T! You will laugh out loud with us on this episode of Conversations with Big Rich. Guest, Phil Norvold, founder of Max-Bilt Offroad is a natural storyteller, come along for the adventure that starts with a pizza.  We talk Max-Bilt, leading, Epic Willy’s Adventure and Mo-hab! Be [...]

Off-road videographer, Crazy Doug Hayduk, on Episode 102

Crazy Doug with some crazy stories. Shooting golf clubs, racing down ski hills on wheels, blood boosting, cocoa leaves, Baja, rockcrawling. If it includes adventure, this episode has it. Join Doug Hayduk and Big Rich for Episode 102. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite [...]

Warn’s PR Manager, Andy Lilienthal, on Episode 101

Hooked on cars since age 2, Andy Lilienthal is now Warn Industries Strategic Communications Manager. That seems like a mouthful, what you need to know about Andy is that he’s a cars and community kinda guy. He can talk about them, write about them, and work on them. Our kind [...]

Modern Jeeper, Corey Osborne, on Episode 100

A renaissance man, Corey Osborne keeps re-inventing himself and his ideals by learning everything he can. From corporate suit to off-road guy, Corey brings the CTI trailer to the masses for conversation and insight. Join him at Modern Jeeper online or one of their many adventures. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE [...]

Alan Woodson of Axis Fab on Episode 99

Alan Woodson of Axis Fabrication, an OG rockcrawler, dishes dirt with Rich on Episode 99. A true east coast competitor, Alan shares his love of travel and building with all of us. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast Player 3:13– growing up in [...]

IH8MUD founder, Brian “Woody” Swearingen, on Episode 98

IH8MUD founder, Brian “Woody” Swearingen, was on the internet before most of us knew what it was. Driving one of his 8 vehicles on the hardest core trails, you find Woody wherever the people are. Check out this episode number 98 Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich [...]

Rusty’s Off-Road, Rusty Megois talks strategy and friendships on Episode 97

Work seems to be the only word in Rusty Megois’ vocabulary. Owner of Rusty’s Off-Road in Rainbow City, Alabama, Rusty shares the friendships that have helped him through the changes in the industry. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast Player 3:12– a neighbor [...]

Multi-faceted, Poly Dave Schlossberg tells his story on Episode 96

Multi-faceted, Poly Dave Schlossberg tells his story on Episode 96. Bringing the energy, experience, and education to build things that are more than the sum of their parts, Synergy and Poly Performance are running at full steam. Be sure to listen on your favorite podcast app. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE [...]

East coast native, Scott Trimarco, on Episode 95

Knowing what you want to do from first grade. Priceless. Meet Scott Trimarco, the pump guy. Scott is the man when it comes to hydraulic steering pumps – high flow applications is where his product thrives.  Listen in to hear how all that came about. Scott’s Custom Offroad Be sure [...]

Living Life on His own Terms, Randy Ellis, on Episode 94

Living life on his own terms, Randy Ellis, on Episode 94. From tearing up trucks to building them, Randy is chasing sunshine in Mexico now on Simplify. Listen in as Big Rich and Randy share what it was like in the Phoenix desert when rockcrawling was still new. r Be [...]

Motor Trend Group’s Christian Hazel on Episode 93

Classically trained guitarist to self-proclaimed Jeep guy, Christian Hazel of MotorTrend Group on Episode 93. There’s a lot about Christian you wouldn’t guess by his outward appearance. Rock-n-roller, scientific editor, long-distance commuter, listen in to find out where his story began and where he is now with all the changes [...]

All-American Badass, JT Taylor, on Episode 92

All-American Badass, JT Taylor, on Episode 92.  JT is currently the race director for American Offroad Endurance working with Mid-America Outdoors, but that’s just the latest feather in his cap. Former race director at Ultra4, racer extraordinaire in all forms of go-fast, especially Baja. JT has seen and done more [...]

Trending on Episode 91, Lee Riser, Marketing Director at Truck Hero brands

Trending on Conversations with Big Rich is Senior Director of Marketing for Jeep & Off-Road Brands at Truck Hero, Lee Riser. Lee chased her career around Monroe, Louisiana with Superlift and Skyjacker, landing at Truck Hero recently. Listen in on a marketing 101 class for anyone in the industry. We [...]

Serial entrepreneur Chris Overacker on Episode 90

Serial entrepreneur Chris Overacker on Episode 90.  Founder of Stage West Offroad Outfitters, Mountain Off-Road Enterprises, and CODE 4×4 talks engineering, building, marketing, Jeeps, and full-size. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast Player 4:22 – “Well, you must not have been trying very [...]

Your Off-Road Connection, Keith Bailey on Episode 89

Your Off-Road Connection, Keith Bailey, from Alabama shares off-road, wheeling, and Ultimate Adventure with Big Rich on Episode 89. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast Player 4:22 – It’s called fishing, not catching 13:37 – Gray Rock came along at the best time [...]

Austin Fish Farner, the FishDood, on Episode 88

The Fishdood, Austin “Fish” Farner joins Rich for Episode 88. Right seat, left seat, media, Fish has done it all. Listen in as they talk desert racing and Fishgistics. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast Player 5:19 – Where does Fish come from? [...]

VORRA champion from days passed, Steve Sullivan, on Episode 87

From heavy equipment in third-world countries to desert racing, Steve Sullivan has seen more than most.  He’s a good guy to have in your corner on a bad day. Listen in on Episode 87 as Steve and Big share old stories of VORRA. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with [...]

A Man in Uniform, Del Albright, on Episode 86

A man in uniform, Del Albright has worn them all. Join us for an insightful look into Del’s life and career on Episode 86. We’re talking band, military, firefighting, and land use in just a quick minute. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast [...]

The Kingpin of Florida wheeling on Episode 85, Ricky Artes

Jeepers Den and Ricky Artes are synonymous with Florida wheeling. You’ll find Ricky everywhere.  Check out how he got started and where he’s going from here in Episode 85 of Conversations with Big Rich. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Conversations with Big Rich on your favorite Podcast Player 5:56 – [...]

Current president of Terra Del Sol Jeep club, Bill Kassler, on episode 84

Current president of Terra Del Sol Jeep club, Bill Kassler, on episode 84.  TDS hosts the annual Desert Safari on state parks lands near Ocotillo Wells.  They are gearing up for their 60th anniversary, Bill shares what their plans are.  Stay tuned, it’s going to be a good one. Be [...]

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